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45 PSS Sleman Liedtjies & Sokker Chants

Sokker span wat speel in die Indonesia Soccer Championship B, Indonesia

19 Forza Sleman Inspired from curva sud milano Speelys
38 Who Is Running? Brigata Curva Sud Chant! Speelys
41 Let's Support PSS Brigata Curva Sud chant Speelys
90 You Won Me To Happiness PSS Sleman choreography song Speelys
105 Hey Super Elja Song dedicated to PSS Sleman Speelys
120 Sleman Belongs To Me No one can take away our memory Speelys
127 I'm Sure You Can We can win... Speelys
150 Bogi Santoso, Fachrudin, Anang Hadi, Tri Handoko When we're in need of a goal and excellent defense Speelys
176 Until Death We Won't Give Up Hey hey hey hey hey Speelys
203 White And Greens Ale A football song for our colours - sung in Italian! Speelys
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222 No Money No Win PSS Sleman fans Speelys
225 Hola Holo Amazing PSS Sleman chant Speelys
235 Super Elja! Brigata Curva Sud Chant! Speelys
237 Ole Super Elja A chant for Super Elja Speelys
253 Sleman Till I Die In the afterlife also Speelys
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